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May 2024 Newsletter

May 2024 Newsletter

It’s probably not a surprise that our attention spans have dwindled along with the increasing digital distractions of today’s world, but the good news is that there are things you can do to improve focus and concentration. In today’s Service For Life!®Free consumer newsletter, you’ll learn several healthy habits that can help you train your brain and combat a short attention span.

You’ll also learn about where you can find free (or cheap) financial advice,and tips on setting money boundaries with your friends and family.

Finally, I want you to know that you may call me for any reason. And please let me know if a friend, family member or neighbor needs a caring, competent real estate professional to help in buying or selling.

I truly appreciate your friendship and referrals. Enjoy your issue!

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Building A Better Attention Span

It’s probably not a surprise to hear that humans have more and more trouble focusing, whether it’s at work, reading, or even in a conversation. Rather than dwelling on the factors that cause short attention spans, though, let’s consider some of the ways you can regain control over your ability to focus.

Some of the obvious ways to improve concentration are also key to good overall health—getting adequate sleep, staying hydrated, exercising, and eating a healthy diet. Here are a few other things you can try to remedy a short attention span. Note that you may need to try a few things to find one that works best for you.

  • Task timers: There are multiple productivity tools that use timers to help people focus on something, which may be easier when you know there’s a break built into the process. Some of these tools are typically applied to job settings (like thePomodoro Technique–try visitinghttps://pomofocus.io/)but can be used for things like housework and homework.
  • Brain “training” games: Many games have improved concentration as a side benefit, including sudoku, chess, crosswords, and jigsaw puzzles. Brain training games have the bonus of improving memory and cognitive skills as we age.
  • Getting outside: Simply being in nature, even for a few minutes a day, is beneficial to our ability to focus (as well as to our overall mental health).
  • Meditation: Studies have shown that practicing meditation or mindfulness is among the best ways to improve focus, since it’s a brain exercise about being in the present. Even meditating for 10 minutes at a time, a few times a week, can have a huge impact.

Don’t forget to set yourself up for success, no matter what tools you try, by removing as many tempting distractions as you can. The “do not disturb” function on your phone can be incredibly helpful in this regard.

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How To Get Free Money Advice

Hiring a financial advisor may not be an option for everyone. Here are a few ways to get free (or cheap) financial advice, both online and in person.

  • Your bank or credit union:Most banks and credit unions offer some free educational materials and resources to current customers.
  • Employee benefits: You may get free (or discounted) financial advice as part of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or through your 401(k) at work.
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: https://www.consumerfinance.gov/– The CFPB is a government agency that is, in their own words, “dedicated to making sure you are treated fairly by banks, lenders, and other financial institutions.” Toward this end, the site provides lots of free information on topics like paying for college, buying a house, and planning for retirement.
  • Pro bono financial planning: Some organizations work for free with underserved and at-risk communities, such as low-income families, survivors of domestic violence, people going through serious medical treatment, and military veterans. Find out if you qualify at:

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Setting Money Boundaries With Loved Ones

Many people struggle to set boundaries with loved ones, and that can be especially true when it comes to money—a topic that’s hard to talk about at the best of times. We may instinctively want to help the people we care for out of a financial jam, but doing so may end up hurting both parties.

Learning how to set and keep healthy boundaries, money-related or otherwise, can be incredibly good for our long-term mental health. Here are some tips to help you set financial boundaries with friends and family.

  • Establish your boundaries beforehand. Figure out what you’re comfortable with in terms of loaning or gifting money long before anyone has asked. This should reflect your own financial goals, values, and budget. Your comfort level may be that you’renotcomfortable being a banker to friends and family, regardless of the circumstances, and that’s okay. Be confident in your comfort level—and practice saying it out loud, so you’re prepared.
  • Think about other ways you can help. If you’re not comfortable lending money, there are other ways you can still be supportive. Maybe you’re willing to help someone make a budget, research financial advisers, or even compare bank loans. Being able to offer a different kind of assistance may feel better than simply saying no.
  • Remember why boundaries are important. You may resent someone who doesn’t repay you—and they may resent you if you’ve loaned them money before and won’t do it again. Make the value of the relationship part of the conversation around boundaries, so it’s clear to both of you what’s at stake.

If you decide to say yes, consider it a gift rather than a loan. Even if you describe it as a loan, setting up a payment schedule and everything, thinking about it as a gift puts less pressure on the transaction and, therefore, the relationship. The general rule is that you should not lend more money than you’re prepared to lose, and sticking to that suggestion may also help preserve the relationship.

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Real Estate Corner…

Q:What natural scents can make my home appealing to buyers?

A: This is a common question asked of real estate agents and it is a little surprising how easily mistakes can be made that turn buyers off. Generally, fragrant candles and aerosol room fresheners are too strong to be used just before your guests arrive. Few things can make a buyer more suspicious than an overly strong smell. They may think you have something to hide if a pleasant odor is overwhelming. Ifyou want to freshen up the smell of your home with these products, use them at least 4 hours ahead of time.

Most people will feel comfortable in a home that smells clean and welcoming with the scent of coffee, tea or cookies. If you are not preparing these foods, you can simulate the smell with a few drops of cinnamon oil with water in a pie plate placed in a warm (not hot) oven. Also, herbs like rosemary, lavender and mint offer a pleasant natural fragrance whether you place them in vases or simmer them in a saucepan. You can also use an aromatherapy diffuser. They’re inexpensive and available on sites like Amazon.

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