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December 2022 Newsletter

December 2022 Newsletter

In this month's newsletter, you'll discover how to start saving money on your cell phone bill every month - and let's face it, who doesn't want to save a little cash? Every penny counts when it comes to stretching our budgets.

Don't miss out on our tips for purchasing non-brand items instead of name brand, how to avoid errors when packing your kid's lunches, and even ways to introduce peace into your house so you can create the perfect sanctuary. Plus enjoy fun facts, a trivia challenge and plenty more amazing content!

To cap it all off, I'm here for you - don't hesitate to pick up the phone and get in touch if anything comes to mind. Likewise, if a friend or family member is planning on entering the real estate market as either a buyer or seller - they can always rely on me; my expertise combined with compassion guarantees them the best possible outcome!

I truly appreciated your friendship and referrals. Enjoy this issue.

Warmest regards,

Bill Watson
President / Managing Broker

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - The Watson Group
6155 S Main Street, Suite 270
Aurora, CO 80016

P.S. In the upcoming weeks, if you come across individuals discussing real estate why not inform them about my complimentary consumer resources? That way they can stay informed on all the latest market trends and make smart investments.

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Our 27 Tips

Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

As the cost of living continues to rise a lot of us are searching for ways to save money on our monthly bills, including the cell phone bill. Here are a few things to try that might help you lower your cell phone bill for months and years to come:

  • Auto pay: A number of wireless carriers reward their customers who opt for automatic bill payment by offering discounts off of their monthly bills. For example, Auto Pay customers receive $10 off at Verizon, $5 off at T-Mobile, and between $5 and $100 at AT&T.
  • Make your plan work for you: Take some time to really look at what your plan covers and make sure it’s a right fit for you. For example, if you travel a lot and are crossing international borders, opt for a plan that includes international coverage. On the flip side, if you’re staying closer to home, make sure your plan reflects that.
  • Go with prepaid: If you own your phone, prepaid wireless plans may be a fit at a lower cost. Mint Mobile offers data plans ranging from $15 to $30 a month, and Verizon-owned Visible’s unlimited data plan goes for $30. Pay upfront and be done for the year with AT&T’s 12-month, 16GB prepaid plan at $300 for 12 months.
  • Just ask: Experts suggest simply asking for a discount. Call your carrier and ask, “What can you do to lower my monthly bill?” You may find that after looking at your plan and asking a few questions the customer service rep will have ways for you to save. Follow up with, “What else can you do to lower my bill?” and you could find yourself saving $30 to $80 monthly.
  • Bonus savings: Be sure and take advantage of the bonus savings available through wireless carriers. Verizon offers complimentary subscriptions to Hulu, Discovery Plus, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus for six months for customers on select plans, and T-Mobile includes Netflix, Apple TV Plus, and Paramount Plus streaming for free with select plans.

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Bring Serenity To Your Home

Our homes should be our sanctuaries year-round – a place in which to escape, recharge, and reenergize for whatever may come our way. Discover a few ways to bring serenity to your home, without breaking the bank:

  • “A place for everything, and everything in its place” isn’t just a saying, but a way of living. Reducing clutter in your home alleviates anxiety, helps you sleep better, and encourages a happier environment.
  • Carve out some space for a reading nook, whether it’s a comfy chair tucked into a corner, a window seat with fluffy pillows, or a chaise with a throw blanket for a warming embrace. Flip on a nearby lamp and you’re ready to dive into the latest novel for some quiet “you” time.
  • Bring the outdoors in with fresh flowers, potted plants, or an armful of tree limbs loosely arranged in a tall vase. Glimpsing these bits of nature within your home will boost your mood, reduce stress, and make for a healthier, happier you.

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When It's OK To Buy Off-Brand

If you’re looking for ways to save money, I have an idea for you – consider buying off-brand items instead of brand names, especially when it comes to grocery shopping or stocking up on household items. You may be surprised at just how much money you can save.

It’s been proven that shoppers can save 15 to 30 percent off their grocery store bills when they choose store brands over brand names. What’s more, the FDA requires the same standards of production for many items, regardless of whether they’re brand names, store brands, or generic.

The experts have even gone so far as to declare products that we should always buy generic, including prescription drugs, food storage containers, baking mixes, diapers, and even fresh produce. Check out these tips to hold on to more of your hard-earned money:

  • Baking: Opt for the store brands of sugar, flour, salt and spices and you can save up to 400% off name brands on the same shelves, many of which can cost four times as much as the generic.
  • Cleaning: Rather than paying more to fund advertising spent by name-brands, choose store brand and generic household cleaners that hold the same punch. Whether it’s oven cleaners, bleach, or detergents, chances are the lower-priced items are just as effective as their higher-priced equivalents.
  • OTC Meds: If you’ve got a cold or a headache, the last thing you want to do is worry about getting the best deal. Take comfort in knowing that the FDA requires that all store-brand medications have the same active ingredient dosage and safety measures as the brand-name medicines with which they're up against. Decision made!
  • Craft and Gift Supplies: Wrapping paper, gift bags, glue, paint and greeting cards can all cost quite a bit more with a name-brand attached. Generic or store brands are just as good, and gift recipients won’t be looking for a name brand on items like these.


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Kids' Lunch Box Mistakes

During the school year you set your kids up for success as much as you can–making sure their homework’s finished, helping them get a good night’s sleep, and trying to avoid chaotic mornings. Another way to pave the road to academic success is providing lunches to fuel their school days, but it’s not always easy. Here’s a look at common kids’ lunch mistakes, and simple solutions for a successful lunch for everyone.

1. Stay the course: A school lunch isn’t the time to introduce your kids to new foods. Rather, pack familiar foods that they recognize and that will make them feel comfortable during what can be a crazy and tiring day.

2. Keep it light: There may be a lot of distractions at lunchtime – recess, anyone? Don’t be tempted to pack too much to eat. Instead, choose quick bites that serve as fuel-on-the-go.

3. Pack the protein: Go easy on the carbs and sugars. Whether it’s a PB&J, ham and cheese, hummus, or string cheese, be sure to include protein in your kids’ lunches. Not only will it keep them feeling full, protein will help them stay focused through the afternoon.

Studies have shown your income and wealth are directly related to the size and depth of your vocabulary. Here is this month's word.

dawn chorus (common pronunciation) noun phrase
Meaning: the birdsong at sunrise, especially in spring and summer
Dawn chorus was added to Merriam-Webster in September 2022.
Sample Sentence: I awoke to the lovely sounds of a dawn chorus outside my bedroom window.

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How To Clean Your Fireplace

As cool temperatures settle in, it’s time to warm up by the fire. Before you strike a match, make sure your gas or wood-burning fireplace is clean and ready for the season.

  • If your fireplace is gas, turn off the valve and give the burners time to cool completely.
  • If your fireplace is wood-burning, remove burnt wood and any ash that has collected.
  • Vacuum up dust and debris from around the fireplace and its vents.
  • Clean glass doors with glass cleaner and paper towels.
  • Clean pokers and other tools with a scrub brush, dish soap and water.

A Heartfelt Message to our Special Clients and Friends . . .

It is our pleasure to extend a warm welcome to all of the new clients we have had the honor of working with recently, and also offer special thanks to those who referred them. Our business would not be where it is today without your help!

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Real Estate Corner . . .

Q: How can I secure a low mortgage interest rate?

A:Securing a low mortgage interest rate helps make your monthly payment more affordable and saves money over the life of your loan. Besides using a larger down payment, here are three things to do to secure a low mortgage interest rate:

  • Compare multiple lendersand meet with your top three. Review the application process and your credit report to start working on any issues you may have. The higher your credit score, the better prospect for a lender you will become. Lenders will review the various loan programs with you.
  • Your debt-to-income ratioshould be below 36 percent before you apply for a mortgage. The lower it is, the greater your eligibility for a higher loan amount.
  • Don’t make any drastic changessuch as changing jobs or making large purchases on credit cards. You want lenders to see you have a stable job history and ability to make the payments.

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