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grandparents are moving cloers to their grandchildren

Grandparents Bridging The Distance: Moving Closer to Grandchildren

The emotional toll of the pandemic stretched thin the bonds of many families, with grandparents bearing the brunt of the distance, forced to stay away from their grandchildren for safety. As the dust of the pandemic settles, the longing to reclaim lost moments intensifies, compelling many grandparents to bridge the physical gap. And how are they achieving this? By moving closer to their little bundles of joy.

A Surge in Distance-Covering Moves Among Seniors

Recent findings from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reveal an intriguing trend: individuals aged between 55 and 74 are relocating over 100 miles more frequently than other age brackets (refer to accompanying graph).

grandparents are moving farther away

Given that the median age of grandparents stands at 67 in the U.S., it isn't far-fetched to deduce that a chunk of this age group moving comprises of eager grandparents.

Heartfelt Reasons for Relocation

Digging deeper into the motivations, the NAR report elucidates that proximity to dear ones tops the chart as the primary driver for relocation (see related graph).

sellers want to be near their loved ones

Piecing the data puzzle together, it emerges that grandparents, propelled by their yearning for quality moments with their grandchildren, especially post the pandemic-induced isolation, are leading the charge in long-distance relocations.

Emphasizing this emotional bond, Vance Cariaga, an esteemed journalist at Go Bank Rates, remarks:

"The magnetic pull of grandchildren's love is undeniable. Post-pandemic data suggests that a significant portion of baby boomers are recharting their residential courses, choosing heartstrings over hometowns."

Bottom Line

Evidently, the movement trend underscores the profound bond grandparents share with their grandchildren. If you resonate with this sentiment and contemplate a relocation to cherish more moments with your loved ones, let’s intertwine our paths. Together, we can help you take the next step closer to your family.