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March 2023 Newsletter

March 2023 Newsletter

Are you always saying yes to requests, whether it's last-minute school fundraisers or 'parties' where friends are trying to sell you something? If so, know this: You don't have to keep overloading your plate. In today'snewsletter, we'll show you how and why it's alright (and even beneficial) for you to politely say no - and reclaim your peace of mind in the process.

You will not only learn the best way to use your air fryer and great storage ideas for small bathrooms, but you'll also discover if loaning money to family and friends is a wise idea. On top of that, we have fun facts, an exciting trivia challenge and loads more in store!

Ultimately, I urge you to contact me for any kind of assistance. Please also keep in mind that if a colleague, relative or neighbor requires the services of an efficient real estate agent when buying or selling property, then do not hesitate to reach out and let me know so that I may help them.

I'm so grateful for our friendship and your support. Here's to a wonderful issue!

Warmest regards,

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P.S. In the upcoming weeks, if you spot conversations about real estate, let them in on my complimentary consumer information! Sharing this invaluable resource can be a great help to anyone interested in real estate.

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Our 27 Tips

It's Okay to Say "NO"

When asked to do something with or for someone else, the natural inclination for many of us is to say “yes,” even if we really want to say “no.” That inclination stems from parts within us that we may not even be aware of, including avoiding conflict or confrontation, wanting to please others, the fear of missing out (FOMO is real!), or simply a compulsion to say “yes” to anything.

For our own mental health and time management, however, it’s important that we learn to say “no,” and that it’s OK to do just that. Why is saying “no” important? For one thing, saying “no” helps you set boundaries, in both your personal and professional life. And one of the benefits of saying “no” is that it allows you the space and time to make better decisions for yourself.

If you’re not used to it, saying “no” can be tough. Here are a few tips that can empower you when the time comes:

  • Rehearse: Ask a friend or confidant to help you rehearse what you’ll say to the person who’s asked you to do something. Talking it through a few times will help you be prepared when the time comes. Have your friend be the asker and practice a few different ways to say “no” gently but firmly.
  • Offer alternatives: It can be particularly hard in the workplace, but rather than replying with a hard “no,” consider offering alternatives. For example, if your boss asks you to take on a project and your workload is already heavy, propose an extended deadline and ask how your projects should be prioritized.
  • Be honest: There’s no need to lie when saying “no.” Instead, your reply can be as simple as, “I’m afraid I can’t,” or, “Thanks for thinking of me, but I’m not able to.”

Lastly, keep this quote from Warren Buffett in mind: “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say noto almost everything.”

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Air Fryer Mistakes

If you’re a fan of air fryers, you’re not alone: 26 million of the countertop cookers have been sold in the past two years. Rather than frying food, air fryers cook faster and with less fat by blowing hot air around food that sits in a basket or on a tray, depending on the model used.

Are you using your air fryer correctly, though? These tips will help you be a fry pro:

  • Rather than using extra virgin olive oil or other low smoke point (the temperature at which the oil starts to smoke) vegetable oils, opt instead for avocado, grapeseed, or peanut oil which have higher smoke points and are better for higher temperature cooking.
  • Don’t let your food get blown around–use toothpicks to keep lightweight foods – think kale chips, quesadillas, even grilled cheese – in place so that they cook evenly and stay put.
  • Avoid uneven cooking by moving food around in the basket or on the tray once or twice to ensure the hot air covers evenly.

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Small Bathrooms, Big Storage

Keeping small spaces clutter-free is key, especially when it comes to bathrooms on the leaner side. These ideas can help keep your space organized and streamline your morning and nighttime routines.

  • Hang a caddy over your showerhead and fill the shelves with soap, shampoos, conditioners, and anything else you reach for in the shower or tub. If a shower caddy doesn’t work, another option is a tension corner caddy with plenty of shelving.
  • If your sink has a cabinet, consider buying a few small baskets or a shelf to keep items organized underneath. There are shelf organizers made to fit around the plumbing, too–visit the Container Store to see options or search online for “under-sink storage.”
  • Mount a slim shelf above the sink to hold a toothbrush holder and soap dispenser, and over the toilet for extra towels and rolls of toilet paper.
  • A slim rolling cabinet can fit in a small space and hide away unsightly tools or clutter. Plus, more counter space on top!


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Lending Money to Friends or Family

A Dutch proverb reads, “Who ventures to lend loses money and friend,” and often the same can be true of family. Understanding the circumstances in which you’re being approached for a loan by a friend or family member, and putting parameters in place from the start, can keep the sentiment of that proverb at bay and your relationships intact.

A study by Finder a few years ago found that one in three people surveyed borrowed money from someone they knew, so numbers suggest it’s likely you’ll be asked to loan money at some point in life. If you’re the lender, it can be very difficult to say no to loved ones who need a little financial help. If you are approached by a friend or family member for a loan, here are a couple of things to keep in mind before opening your wallet, checkbook, or cash app.

  • Have an honest conversation: What will the money be used for? How does the person you’re lending money to plan to pay it back?
  • Approach the loan as a business transaction: Draft a contract that clearly defines the amount of the loan and the timeframe in which the money will be repaid. You may want to include an agreed upon payment plan that outlines how and when money will be repaid, e.g. in monthly installments.
  • Try to keep expectations low. While you are treating the loan as a business transaction, it really isn’t. It’s a much more casual deal between friends, and often the loan recipient won’t feel pressed to make regular payments. If you can privately see it as a gift, you won’t be upset when it takes longer to be paid back or if you don’t receive the full amount.
  • Consider the person asking.If someone asks you for money repeatedly and doesn’t keep up their end of the deal, it’s a no-brainer to hesitate next time they ask. Remember–it’s ok to say “no”!

Studies have shown your income and wealth are directly related to the size and depth of your vocabulary. Here is this month's word.


Meaning:unexpectantly stopping to talk with someone at their desk rather than calling on the phone or sending an email. Desk-bombing was added to the Cambridge Dictionary in December 2022.

Sample Sentence:Sara keeps desk-bombing me throughout the day and it’s really interrupting my work flow.

What kind of building weighs the least?

A lighthouse

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Keep Indoor Plants Watered

Indoor plants brighten up our living spaces and help provide a cheery atmosphere. Here are a few tips on making sure you’re watering your plants correctly.

  • Determine how much water your plants need. For example, tropical plants need more water than succulents, which like to stay on the drier side.
  • Water the soil, not the leaves.
  • Consider the season: plants need less water in winter than summer.
  • If you overwater, no worries – simply pour out the excess.

A Heartfelt Message to our Special Clients and Friends . . .

It is our pleasure to extend a warm welcome to all of the new clients we have had the honor of working with recently, and also offer special thanks to those who referred them. Our business would not be where it is today without your help!

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Real Estate Corner . . .

Q: Can landscaping make a difference when I'm trying to sell my home?

Here are some ideas to get more offers on your property.

  • Consider a low-maintenance landscaping concept. Having little or no natural grass and rock gardens is perfect for busy professionals and retirees looking at your home. Also, consider using native plants because they are colorful, require little fertilizer, and need no additional water or special attention.
  • Keep your foundation plants pruned. Make sure plants are low enough against the windows and railings. This keeps a well- maintained appearance and makes your home look more secure.
  • If you are short on time, hire a professional. A professional landscaper can rid your yard of weeds and dead spots. This ensures a healthy-looking yard.

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Last month's trivia question answer.

What famous female singer recently played a 200-year-old antique flute at the Library of Congress?

(a) Pink (b) Lizzo (c) Beyonce (d) Madonna

The answer is (b) Lizzo. She played President James Madison’s crystal flute at the library, and then again onstage at a DC concert in September of 2022. So let’s move on tothismonth’s trivia question.

Now for this month's trivia question!

What is the loudest animal on Earth?

(a) Lion (b) Hyena (c) Whale (d) Cicada

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