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How an Agent Helps Market Your House

How an Agent Helps Market Your House

You’re ready to sell your house. What do you need most from your real estate agent? According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), one of the top services recent sellers sought was help marketing their house to potential buyers. This is likely something you need too.

While you might expect your agent to write a compelling description and pair it with high-quality photos, a great agent offers much more to ensure your house stands out. Here are some of the most common and effective methods real estate agents use to market homes, based on the NAR report:

Listing on the MLS

By listing your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), your property gains significant visibility among other real estate agents and potential buyers. This increased exposure can lead to more foot traffic, multiple offers, and potentially a higher selling price.

Using a Yard Sign

A yard sign is an eye-catching tool for those driving or walking by. It generates local interest, as neighbors might know someone looking to move into the area. It also prominently displays your agent’s contact information, making it easy for interested buyers to reach out.

Hosting an Open House

Open houses are a traditional yet effective way to showcase your home. Your agent will advertise and host the event, attracting a crowd of interested buyers. This can create a sense of competition, leading to stronger offers. Additionally, open houses provide valuable feedback from attendees, helping you make any necessary improvements.

Showcasing on Your Agent’s Website

Featuring your house on your agent’s website ensures a professional presentation of your property. Visitors to the site are often serious buyers, increasing the likelihood of a sale. This method also leverages your agent’s online traffic and reputation.

Leveraging Social Media

An active social media presence allows your agent to market your home to a large audience quickly. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter enable easy sharing, which can extend the reach of your listing to a wider network of potential buyers.

Providing Virtual Tours

Virtual tours offer convenience for buyers, especially those relocating from different areas. This technology allows buyers to view your home anytime, day or night, demonstrating that your agent is utilizing modern tools to market your property effectively.

Additional Marketing Tools

Beyond these methods, a robust marketing plan might include professional photography, broker tours for buyers’ agents, and listings on various real estate websites. As NerdWallet explains:

"A good real estate agent will have a comprehensive strategy to promote your listing. This includes adding your home to multiple listing services (MLS), hosting open houses, creating 3D virtual tours, and arranging broker tours for buyers’ agents, especially for luxury homes."

Bottom Line

Marketing your house effectively requires a creative and diligent local real estate agent. If you’re ready to sell but aren’t sure where to begin, let’s chat. Working together, we can ensure your home gets the attention it deserves, leading to a successful sale.