Real Estate Agent Selection Guide

It can be difficult to decipher good advice from bad when you've got so many "so-called" financial specialists on television or friends and family giving their two cents. You're often advised to interview three, four, maybe even five agents before making a decision - which seems logical enough. But then comes the question: what criteria are you using to compare these professionals in order to make your selection? Sadly, most people don't have an answer.

With no clear-cut way of choice, they're going to dedicate 3, 4 or 5 evenings interviewing various real estate agents in order to find the one that will be dependable enough for them to entrust with managing one of their most significant financial undertakings.

When selecting someone for a high-level or costly role, companies have premeditated questions and criteria that they use to measure prospective candidates. They never decide based on who "seems nice"; rather, decisions are made through reason and logic. This saves time in the hiring process and ensures the most qualified candidate is hired for the job.

Attempting to hire somebody without proper preparation is like shooting an arrow blindly into the air—it can be hazardous! When you're looking for someone to do a critical task, you need to have knowledge of what qualities are most important, and sensible inquiries prepared beforehand. Don't take risks when it comes to hiring; don't play "Blind Archery."

Consider which factors are most important to you in a real estate agent: the highest price they can get for your home, the commission rate they offer, their accessibility as a lone wolf, or their success percentage? There's an array of options to weigh!

Receive a free agent selection guide as our gift, complete with nine distinct "selection factors" for you to assess and consider. Utilize the additional space given to generate your own personal list of five essential features that matter most when choosing an agent.

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