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Craig Proctor

Craig Proctor, the visionary Founder and CEO of Craig Proctor Coaching, stands as a luminary in the International Real Estate coaching realm. With a remarkable 25-year journey, Craig has transformed the lives of countless real estate professionals, nurturing more millionaire agents than any other figure in the industry. His groundbreaking program is a beacon of real, contemporary, and proven strategies, empowering Real Estate Agents and Brokers to soar to new heights.

At the heart of Craig's innovative system lies "Reverse Prospecting," a revolutionary and cost-effective lead generation technique that turns the tables in the real estate world. This approach invites qualified prospects to seek out agents, revolutionizing the traditional dynamics of agent-client interaction. Beyond this, Craig's system imparts powerful scripts, conversion tactics, and presentation skills, enabling agents to unlock a life rich in financial abundance, personal freedom, and time to cherish.

Craig's meteoric rise in real estate is a story of inspiration that has captivated audiences globally. His journey from a modest $14,000 annual income at 25, with no prior experience in real estate or business, to a real estate juggernaut is nothing short of extraordinary. Within a year, he celebrated closing 55 residential transactions. Before reaching 30, Craig achieved the pinnacle of success as the youngest #1 RE/MAX® agent worldwide, a testament to his unparalleled prowess in closing over 200 properties in a year. His tenure at RE/MAX® was studded with accolades, including every possible RE/MAX® Award and the prestigious On the Shoulders of Giants Award in 2009. For 15 consecutive years, Craig consistently sold over 500 homes annually, amassing a near $4 Million GCI, his success story becoming a staple in national media.

Today, Craig divides his time between Toronto and Florida, dedicating every moment to his true passion: mentoring and coaching agents. His generosity in sharing his step-by-step formula has not only skyrocketed his students' professional achievements but also profoundly enhanced their lives. Craig Proctor's system is the architect behind the industry's most monumental success stories, a legacy that continues to shape the future of real estate. To learn more about this amazing business building system go to https://craigproctor.com/about-craig-proctor. 

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