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Marmil Shaina V. Olorga

Marmil Shaina V. Olorga, affectionately known as "Marmil," is the dynamic Marketing Assistant at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, The Watson Group. With an innate passion for digital marketing, Marmil has played a pivotal role in enhancing the brand's online presence and significantly expanding its reach within the target audience. Embarking on her journey with The Watson Group in December, she marks the beginning of what promises to be an illustrious career.

Prior to this, Marmil's career trajectory was diverse and impactful. Her journey began in government service, where she garnered extensive recognition and was frequently invited as a resource speaker on laws protecting women and children. Seeking new challenges, she transitioned into freelancing as a creative and social media manager for two years. This period was marked by her relentless pursuit of growth, culminating in specialized training with the Stampstaff Remote team, which refined her skills and aligned her career aspirations.

Marmil's academic credentials are equally impressive. A licensed social worker, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos. Her professional development is underpinned by numerous trainings related to youth services and the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act, amongst others.

In her role, Marmil leverages her exceptional communication skills, adaptability, and organizational prowess. What sets her apart is her innate ability to connect with people, a skill honed through her diverse experiences and her empathetic nature.

One of Marmil's most significant career milestones was passing the licensure examination for social workers—a testament to her resilience and determination. As she looks ahead, she envisions herself in five years as a financially stable virtual assistant, armed with an enhanced skill set to support and grow businesses.

Marmil's leadership style is democratic, fostering collaboration and inclusivity within her teams—a philosophy influenced by her early experiences in college leadership roles. Her approach to business and leadership is guided by a belief in continuous learning and a commitment to personal growth.

Outside of work, Marmil finds solace in the tranquility of mountains, cherishing the peace and the breathtaking views they offer. These moments of serenity not only rejuvenate her but also reflect her deep appreciation for nature's beauty.

Looking forward, Marmil is poised to make significant contributions to her field. She stays abreast of the evolving landscape of social media, consistently researching new digital tools and trends. Although she acknowledges the challenge of overthinking tasks, her dedication to completing assignments with excellence is unwavering.

At the core of Marmil's professional drive is her family, who have been her constant source of motivation and inspiration. With a career marked by versatility, resilience, and a profound desire to contribute meaningfully, Marmil Shaina V. Olorga is a professional poised for continued success and impact in the digital marketing realm.

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